Homily of Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna

It is good to dwell on Jesus’ last statement today: “The wisdom of God has justified his own works” (Mt 11:19). Jesus often insists: “If you do not believe what I tell you, see what I do.” If we had to say that, we would! To those who tell us: “and you speak in a vacuum!”. See what I do and understand what I say.

It is a wonderful thing that our words fit our lives because this is what Jesus is saying: you see the works of God’s hands and you understand who he is, how much he loves us, how much he is wise, how great he is. Who knows how many scientists who perhaps began their professional life with great skepticism, when they see the harmony in creation, the magnitude of creation, begin to understand that it cannot be that all this comes so without thought or plan and everything is random, because there is nothing random. We do things at random. But not God and his plan of love.

Jesus is also complaining that we always find an excuse to deny it or say ‘no’. John came with penance – they said he contained a devil (Matt. 11:18). Jesus came to eat and drink – so we are with Jesus, it is good to be with Jesus because he came to eat and drink; a friend of publicans and sinners (Matt. 11:19). I have to choose between that of John and Jesus, I choose that of Jesus. But this is how Jesus describes himself: “The Son of man came eating and drinking” (Mt 11:19) and we know how much Jesus met with people during the meal. After all, what did he do as a reminder? We were not told: ‘beat each other up’ (in short, sometimes we do it too, but not in remembrance of him), but they did not know what or any harsh penance. He said, “Have a meal and eat, drink and drink; this is my body, this is my blood” (Mt 26: 26-27). But this too – and this is a great consolation, great comfort to us – a friend of publicans and sinners. Our friend. The voice of the beloved, the voice of a friend is the voice of Jesus.

So let’s pray in this journey through Advent in order to stop making excuses. Let us admit who we are, do not hesitate to say: “Crush it! I wasn’t good, I wasn’t wise. ” He loves us, loves us, loves us, cares for us. He tells us: ‘You don’t have to waste a lot of energy on excuses, let’ s sit down and reason together. Your sins are as scarlet as ice. My works can justify the wisdom of God, and God is merciful. Let us also pray for the intercession of the Mother. The mother’s joy is to see her children gathered around one table eating a hearty meal. Is that the joy of the mother and Our Lady not so wishing us? Gathered at the table prepared by His Son who came to eat and drink in peace among us and in peace with him.

SOURCE: https://church.mt/the-voice-of-a-friend-is-the-voice-of-jesus-the-archbishop/